Tall Cage Metal With Wire Mess Plus Accesories Portable

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Big on Wheels Cage Metal And wire Mess

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Details for variant "vikilo2018"


Details for variant "vikilo"

  • Includes 4 Perches and 8 Feeding Cups
  • Constructed out of wrought iron
  • With Multiple Size Door for Convenient Access to Your Birds
  • Roof to Keep Your Bird Dry And Shaded
  • Wheels for Easy Moving
  • Slide out bottom tray makes it easy to clean
  • Features multiple large access door
  • Plenty Space for Birds To exercise Flying
  • Nice Design
  • 170cm x 60cm x 60.3cm   approx
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Plus 4 Perches and 8 Feeding Cups
  • 22.8kg approx Package weight


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