Cage big sizes for pets birds parrots with Perch - Black

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Cage metal

Stainless Steel Feeders Black

Made of durable powder-coated wrought iron, the cage comes with a large access door, two small side access windows to swing in the stainless steel feeders, two timber perches and a removable tray for easy clean up. Better still, the domed designed roof can also be opened from the top.

* Made of wrought iron with epoxy coating
* The shape dome open roof design
* Elegant   curved stands
* Anti rust
* Smart Slide-out tray for easy cleaning
* With Net under storage space
* 2 wooden perches
* Large access door
* Two Stainless steel feeders with individual access window
* Castor wheels for movement
* Easy to assemble

* Stand high: 55cm
* Wire Distance: 2cm approx.

Package Content
1 x Cage
Assembly required

Some pets can learn the way out. Be alerted

Do not leave it permantly exposed in rain

birds cage parrots cage

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