Cage enclosure 8 parts at per panel: 61cm x 91cm pets fence 36" Pet run 2230imp

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Enclosure with eight parts, to join together.

Delivery fees 10$ metro locations

Make different shapes and also easy fold away to store or carry.

With powder-coated steel frames, this 8 pieces enclosure can be arranged in a number of ways to suit your pet needs and size

Make an octagon or a square, easily configures with just simple adjustments.


The package include a bolt latch for the access door, locks and safe round edges respectively.

 36 Inches


* Multi-configuration
* Strong steel frames
* Black powder coated to enhance durability
* buy more and Join up to 2 sets of panels to expand the play area
* Locks included to join the ends of playpen
* Round edges - safer for your pet
* Secure lock system on access door
* Easily foldable for convenient storage and transportation
* Simple setup - no tools required
* SGS approved
* Suitable for a variety of pets - dogs, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs etc

* Size: 36"
* Dimension per panel: 61cm x 91cm
* Colour: Black
* Door latch per panel: 2
* Lock for panels: 1

Package Contents
1 x 8 panel

Assembly required

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