Shoe Storage Adjustable Many Sizes cappa

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Smart and Practical


THE COLOR you can see it in the GENERAL PHOTOS HERE- When you clisk the VARIANT WITH COLOR always will show black.

Do not wait to see green or blue or yellow etc- See them in the photos

The variant INDICATES in WRITTING  only  the color you will be buying 




You see only black variant in photos- See other pictures for the rest of the colors

The black version shows the dimensions in your item

Add or remove parts, made shapes

The above items are flexible cant stand heavy items

Assembly Required

White will look like : Not the shape or number of cubes- See what you are ordering for that

BLACK will look like :

DO not pay attention to size mentioned on this photo- Is for the color only 

 Pink will look like ?

Green will look like 

Blue will look like 

                            code:  cappa