Portable Stand Table Practical Stand Adjust Length Height Portable Desk

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Stand, adjustable convenient and portable for  use over the bed or other areas

Delivery most locations




See each variant description for exact details

Variants details for :

alter2019/alter2019 A/alter2019 B/Alter2019 C/Alter2019 D 

alterwoo variant/wood look variant


Desk only-Chair or other items around or on top of it not included




1m TOP floral or 1.2 m top pink ONLY AVAILABLE APRIL 2020 

 Side stands for this units are not sold anymore because of safety issues raised 



Variant :140200 Details:

 note" only the desk is for sale not items on it or around"



Variant "alt2019aug"

ASSEMBLY required- Ensure correct assembly by qualified tradesperson for safety 

 end for variant details alt2019aug



 Desk portable- help desk - at the bed desk - assistance desk



                                                         stock code: altersep18-alter2019

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