BBQ Outdoor Extra Slim To Carry folded Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill

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New Grill Portable Charcoal BBQ 

ortable Charcoal BBQ.

It is compact and lightweight and yet strong enough to handle any grilling with minimum fuss. Thanks to its ample cooking area and heavy-duty cold rolled steel construction that ensure longlasting and durable use with every burn.

It uses charcoal or wood that will surely give a tasty and natural flavour to your sumptuous meals.


* Large carry handle
* Super slim and portable
* Easy to clean
* User friendly snap-shut closure
* Suitable use for 3 to 5 people
* For use with charcoal or wood
* Heavy-duty cold rolled steel construction
* High temperature tolerance painting
* Chrome-plated cooking grill

* Brand: Grillz
* Material: cold rolled steel
* Overall size: 45.5cm x 30cm x 30cm
* Folded size: 45cm x 4cm x 40cm
* Cooking height: 30cm
* Cooking grill size: 45cm x 30cm (chrome-plated)
* Charcoal rack: 4cm x 10.5cm (zinc plated)
* Weight: 3kg

Package Content
1 x Portable Charcoal BBQ
Assembly Required

Protect for rain and store in dry places to avoid early rusting

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