Kids Table and Chairs As Set For Writing, Drawing Desk Kids

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A personal Desk in their own space - Kids Desk

Engage kids in activities, studies, learning and Play

Child-safe smooth corners and hinges

Non-toxic lead-free paint for the finish.

kids furniture

One of its most prominent features, the inclined desk top allows for easier use when writing or reading without putting excessive strain on the child’s back. A matching stool ensures that it works perfectly in tandem with the desk. Other great features include a groove for stationery and a hidden storage compartment when the desk top is lifted up.

All in, our Kids Lift-Top Desk and Stool is designed to inculcate independence by letting your child own his or her personal learning space. Make it an early start for them.

 ASSEMBLY REQUIRED- Use professional trades man 


Please ensure safety when opening and closing the top. Teach kids to do it safely and properly- Not for very young kids that may trap their fingers. Take extreme care and supervise - Ensure stability, assemble properly


Kids Table and Chairs As  Set For Writing, Drawing Desk Storage Toys Play Kids furniture