The truth about dropshipping and earning fast easy money

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The truth about drop-shipping and earning fast easy money !!!

We start with the so many “ free courses, free seminars,free advice. free utube suggestions and non stop offering from big companies like “ google “ .

Further more : Why someone who made millions and thousands sales would bother to share the secret with you ? For pity or love ?  So much money and losing his time in posts? How much more money he wants ?

Why they do that? Are they doing it because they care? Because it hurts them to see people struggling? Because they intent to give for free?

This is the basic way to start thinking and to find out the truth yourself.

First of all their well being financially, depends on promoting that and pushing it non stop. They have the way - the media- the apps- the web platforms and all the digital ways, just to mention a few

Their lessons and “ free guidance” leads to “ google ads will help you only “ and wash braining you that is the “ only way to success “ .

Then we have million tubers, the majority of whose don’t even had a 2nd pair of pants and lying non stop to “ make you watch and click “ on their posts . That way they make money with clicks and subscribers.

Then we have the “domain” sellers where you will get the www for your website . Those again brain wash people for easy and fast money.

The truth is that all of us want fast and easy way to make a fortune or to add in the monthly earnings and same time most of us wan5 as much little time spent on it .

The realty is much different and it doesn’t suit them to reveal it.

Fact is that even expensively advertised items don’t manage to sell not to even the 2% percent of the people that clicked on your website link. And this is for “ big names websites , and companies “ .

People search, google now provides compare price . Why would they buy from you that eventually you will not be able to compete in pricing and quality of service and delivery ?

Why people to trust you and not those that exist online so long ? You have no history, no sales record, no real reviews, no views no links spread on the internet.

Common sense and simple thinking can save you from trouble most of the time .

Even when someone has a “ brilliant and unique idea” it lasts a few days only, because straight away others will copy it and make it better and with cheaper price. They have the money, they have more knowledge they know to manipulate

All are there to “ be seen “ by everyone on the internet and can’t be hidden.

Have you ever considered what it means to try to package 50 items, organise postage and arrange delivery, following process for each one until reach buyer ?Do you know how many returns you will have ? Do you know about the non stop charge back even 6 months after selling something . Have you felt the disappointment of almost never winning vs a dissatisfied customer?

Did you think that a bank will not support their client ? The chargeback is 80% chance to be won by the customer.. and the statistics say that clearly.
The worst is that you never can claim back from that bank, because nobody ever gives you the details. And at the end of the day, on which "authority" they decide or even withhold your hard earned money? 
Are you aware that even “ PayPal” will likely support the buyers claim persuading you that is better some loss rather than losing a buyer?

I guess you didn’t have the time or you didn’t search for posts about that.

And bear in mind that most of the time all negative posts are not visible because is not in their interest to do so

The only truth is that all come clear with the time passing and the experience you get. And then unfortunately you are so tired and so disappointed because you lost your time , you didn’t enjoy and didn’t have fan and you haven’t thought of just doing a second part time job which didn’t have a risk at all .

Selling is more than a full time job, because is “ yours “ and that means is you that has to care and worry about everything and everyone . Which wouldn’t have been the case if you had a boss and your only worry would be just to do what you was told , finish, go home and then get paid at the end of the week .

Owning a business means no day off, and no weekends or holidays. The “ thinking” will be with you 24/7 believe it or not.

 If you don't have a "good idea" about devices and computers and if you are slow using media and popular apps better try something else.

The minimum you will need is 10 hours shift at home for it and posting a minimum of 15000 manually free  ads in free websites like gumtree and other.

That will required a minimum of 5 years and then you will be getting about 10 to 20 views per day, as long as you keep refreshing and reposting your ads. Not to mention the many times that those " free sites" will block your accounts and you will lose the work of years in an instance.

You said something about "paying ads" !! Well then you have taken their bate completely. You will do all the same as many out there and then the customer will compare prices and you will never win with that. To have an item visible means a "clear title and description" which means the customer will see " the promoted similar ads" and same time will provide the cheaper option.

Money is sometimes easy to earn, but its hard to keep it !!

Try in the area you know, and where you will need the least help from others !!



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