Making money with e commerce and a site

Posted by Konstantinos Amvrazis on

Hi there and all best wishes for success!!

It will come if you decide to spend long hours and if you forget THE FAKE PROMISE that people can become rich just having a site and making sales.

What most of replies say here and on other blogs, comes to same conclusion that the 90% want to sell their own products and also to lure you in ecommerce and paying monthly fees for a site.

There is no way for them to make money if they do not promise big profits and that way persuade more and more people to join.

At the end of the day all is up to you.

Number one is the "product: - Find the right one

Then use the INSTAGRAM non stop- Go back to it - Build followers- Be sure, that the right posts will boost your sales IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PRODUCT - Hash tags too

Use Facebook Sales Groups

Use all free sites for selling and buying goods - Requires manual adding of ads but in the long run will help your sales

Keep using all FREE ways, there are heaps out there

When you start making some money, start trying some automation and using paid apps and programs

And at the end when strong enough financially go to paid words and pro advertising

There is not such thing AS EASY MONEY and GET READY TO SPEND LONG HOURS.

Again wishes for making many sales and do not follow the river, make your own way



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