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Different ways of spelling to make it easier for search by name,  are :

ιωαννης αμπραζης john αμπραζης

Giannis, gianis  or Yannis Amvrazis

A father

A husband

A brother

A friend

A relative

A man

Ioanis Amvrazis was born in Agios Vasilios Etoloakarnanias .

( Known as “ Agios Vasilios kremaston “ , due to the fact that the village was covered by the artificial lake of Kremaston, when in 1967 they made the hydroelectric dam of Kremasta.

The village has been relocated near by  on a higher position and kept the name as “ Katsouli “ and as official name the  “ Agios Vasilios “ 

Located in West Greece in 1925.

Son  of Konstantinos Amvrazis. ( Kostas o mbrais )

He married Ekaterini Amvrazis to genos Toraki from Sirilion Crete Island.

Ekaterini Amvrazis - Known and as Ekaterini Toraki before marriage, passed away on 1st December 2019 and will be greatly missed by those who knew her and her family.

They  had 2 kids, a son and a daughter

Konstantinos and Ourania.

 The last name Amvrazis has been spelled in many ways in an effort to better be translated in English or in other languages,

I have encountered many different translations and also I know many that are aware of the changes because they think it was the best translation in their opinion.

So we have changes as follow

Amvrazis - Amprazis - ambrazis - Amvrazes - amprazes -Ambrazes -   -

Amvrajis -amprajis -ambrajis -Amvrasis -amprasis -ambrasis -

Abrazis - avrazis -

The location of his village will be found using the words :




Ayios Vasilios kremasta Agrinion Etoloakarnania

Tripotamon, Sidhira, Roupakion, Ptelea Kremasta and Karamanaiika

 Ayios Vasilios in the region of West Greece is located in Greece - some 133 mi (or 214 km) North-West of Athens, the country's capital.

The village “Agios Vasilios “ was originally in the artificial lake of “Kremasta”, known as "fragma ton kremaston” or "texniti  limni  kremaston” which was filled in 1969 and covered the old village.

Many of the villagers had an offer as compensation to get a piece of land at the highest point near the old village which was not covered by water.

A few accepted this offer and others preferred the option to get land near Agrinio where the value was much higher.

John’s father “ Konstantinos “ had chosen the option to keep a piece of land near their old village after suggestion from John.

John, soon after, build a house there and now standing at the top of the hill with a panoramic view of the lake and the mountains all around.

The other brothers and sisters were given land from their fathers compensation near Agrinio Aetoloakarnanias where they lived and grew their families.

John’s father “ Konstantinos Amvrazis “ was the 3rd generation in this village. His grand father was the first to come as having got married a woman there.

The only that I know was that he came from “ kato Agios Vlasios “ and that the original last name was “ Plitarias “.

This had to be around the year 1800 to 1830 , taking in calculation the birth year around 1883 for John’s father Konstantinos .

Konstantinos Amvrazis, passed away about 98 years old, and he used to say that at the old days they  didn’t keep written records or real birth certificates. Even himself he was not sure of the exact day he was born.

He had married 3 times and all three wife’s died a5 young age,    

due to harsh conditions and big flu and Lung problems.


With his second wife she had a kid and was in Mavrias.......

With his last wife Ourania, maiden name “ Kokottas”,

he had 6 kids.

George Amvrazis, who was killed during the war at a very young age.

John Amvrazis born in 1925 and passes away on ....

Pinio Kalogeras ( married Evagelos Kalogeras )

Golfo Alexandrakis ( married Nikos Alexandrakis )

Sotirios Amvrazis born in.... ( married Agathi, maiden name .......   

Eleni Alexandrakis ( married Andreas Alexandrakis )


John, giannis, grew up in the village and was helping with his younger siblings due to early loss of their mother. They had some land for farming and some domestic animals such as sheep’s and cows.

The Italian army had occupied the area during Second World War II and he took the chance ro learn some Italian.

He learnt the trade of carpenter and was really good at it.

Later  on in his life he worked with “ civil and civic “ in Australia during the “ Opera house project “. He worked Carpentry at the roof of this famous building.

He was badly hurt by the loss of his elder brother George and joined the army for more than 3 years.

The end of the war found him in Athens.

John migrated in Australia, Sydney in 1957.......

 At first he couldn’t find work as carpenter and was refusing to do offered job in roads construction and shoveling.

John was a man of “ his word “ and as he was often stating :

” words is same as contract for me “

He was very proud and pride was too important throughout his life. 

He had come in Australia to work as carpenter and that was what he was expecting. Not less not anything more.

” Carpenter or back home “

He was pretty stubborn with this issue and at some point he was sure that is going back.

He finally find his job and prospered really soon.


He returned in Greece in 1963 with his wife and his son.

This was again a result of “ pride “ being honest and a man keeping his word and promises.

At first they lived in Pereas  Tampouria, and soon they went to Neon Zographou Athens where he lived until the end of his life.

While at Pereas  his daughter Ourania was born.

During the construction of Kremasta Dam they lived for a while in the relocated village of “ Agios Vasilios “. 

John worked there as interpreter for the USA  workers.

 The following years was hard, once again to work as carpenter, unemployment was very high those years in Greece  and in Europe in general.

They had left the “ paradise of work and opportunity “ in Australia and came in Greece who shortly after, fell under dictatorship and hard years with suffering for many Greeks.

For a while he went around Greece looking for work and a harsh winter he almost died suffering from pneumonia,

Having employment was number one for him and for a few years he worked as bus conductor in Athens.

He was a brilliant idea and opened a shop for motor bikes and bike selling and renting. Went pretty well and the income was risen to unthinkable numbers for those ressesion years in Greece.

But the “ pride “ and the the belief in general for kindness, honesty and loving all people struck him again.

During those years, anyone, even without a license could go and rent a motor bike. As a result many got injured and hospitalised because were not careful enough or because they had no idea about driving.

John was always one hundred percent abiding with law, rules, and with high ethics and morals.

He was being dragged to courts by a few parents and relatives but was proved innocent in all cases. It was obvious to law that he was not responsible for those accidents.

But John could feel the people’s pain and couldn’t stand it in his mind. He couldn’t go over it and keep making money and profit while some times other got hurt and suffered.

Even though nothin* his fault, he sold everything and kept what was unsold.

This promising job had come to an end.

Once again he had to start all over again.

At the “ children’s hospital Agia Sofia “ Goudi, he worked until his retirement as general maintenance personnel with mostly carpentry work.

He liked it there, though  very often was sad and easily getting hurt from seeing and knowing sick children who either lived or passed away around his place of employment.

He was fair and believed in justice, he couldn’t accept shame on him, his family, his relatives, his name !

What someone can be if he doesn’t have a family, or if he is not working, or if he commits crimes, if he is telling lies, if he lives in sin ?

The above was a few of his strong ideas about being a good and honest person.

He and Keri his wife, have helped a lot of relatives and other people in general, and especially while in Australia.

They brought migrants, helped them with their visas, employment and a place to stay. All  F them have prospered and always have more than just a little good words for them.

Their appreciation is very obvious for all the help they had from them and is recognised even from the 3rd generation descendants of them.


















Kremasta (lake)

Lake Kremasta is the largest artificial lake in Greece. The construction of the dam of Kremasta was completed in 1969 concentrating waters from four rivers: Acheloos, Agrafiotis, Tavropos and Trikeriotis. The water that is accumulated in the artificial lake is about 4,700,000,000 cubic metres . It prevents flooding of the Acheloos, and supplies electricity to the national grid during peaks of demand. The power station at the dam is the biggest Hydroelectric plant in Greece, .

Located at 38.88, 21.55 (Lat. / Lng.), less than 1 mi away.
Tags:Dams in Greece, Reservoirs in Greece


The Megdovas also known as Tavropos, is a river that flows through the Karditsa and Evrytania regional units, Greece.


The Agrafiotis is a river in Evrytania, Greece. The river takes its name from Agrafa, the mountainous region where it flows. The river begins near the village Trovato in the north of Evrytania. It flows south through a valley with forests and small farmlands. It is crossed by a few stone bridges. Near the village Tripotamo, the river empties into Kremasta Reservoir, built in 1969, which is drained by the river Acheloos. The Kremasta Reservoir is the largest in Greece.

Tatarna Bridge

The Tatarna Bridge (Γέφυρα Τατάρνας, Gefyra/Gefira Tatarnas) is a modern bridge over the Kremasta artificial lake. The bridge connects the Valtos province of Acarnania with the Evrytania prefecture. In the same place there was a 17th century historical and famous old arch stone bridge (over the river Acheloos). The name Tatarna comes from a nearby monastery.


Ioana Amvrazis








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    Na ton Paris stin Ayalia Sou, kai na tou dixseis ta katatopia ekei Psila pou isaste.
    Con Amvrazis has left behind his two sons and his wife. They cried for him and dearly missed him.
    God bless his mother Agathi, father Sotiris, Angela, and his 2 sons, his sister Rania.
    George Amvrazis
    Konstantinos Amvrazis
    Ioannis Amvrazis
    Con Amvrazis.

    Elafri to soma pou sas skepazei !!!
    Mia Mera oloi tha eimaste khanate mazi.

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  • A kind and proud man. A good father and husband

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