Make that EXTRA MONEY you need working from home

Posted by Konstantinos Amvrazis on

In this tough world and where almost all people are struggling to cope with every day expenses and bad situations a good idea and an opinion is always welcomed from the wise ones !!

Start a blog or online business

Take part in surveys to make some extra money per survey filled

Get a free gift card, search and collect for use when in need

Watch movie previews, YouTube, and like videos- many sites offer that - do a search online

Become a freelancer or freelance writer- if you have a little talent is time to use it .

Advertise and sell second hand items you do not use anymore

Rent your parking space

Rent your automobile

Rent your  expensive clothes online

Rent your bike, cycle, snow sports, or any other gear .

Rent your space , a room at home for gatherings or parties

Assist others with improving their resume

Manage social media accounts for others - especially for business that do not have that spare time to look for it

House sit kids pets,  old, disabled people, and other 

Sell items on eBay

Sell your gift cards

Receive bonuses and rewards for using a credit card

Travel the world and be an au pair

Make your money work harder - higher interest .

Transfer credit card debts to offers with zero or lower interest with other bank institutions

Cook for others at special prices and delivery if possible 








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