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Another big issue and many different opinions and thoughts about.

In general we can say that is common knowledge that most things, happenings, results, decisions .......have the arguments about fair and unfair.

I do not consider my self as an expert or anything about extra smart and wise, and I have stated that many times to avoid confusion.


When it comes to fair or not  unfair I try to stay calm, sit back and see the whole "picture".

This is great in all situations and we do not follow that rule in general as all of you know due to the "heat of the moment ".


So here I am as an "observer" and trying to understand for whom is "fair" and for who is not.

Was a decision good for the many or just for a few ?

Who won from it ?

Was I personally affected ? Am I upset ? Do I have contributed in this result ?

What we may take as unfair it may not be same for someone else or for many others.

Someone out there has won something from it and will be very happy from it.

If that was about a very personal matter and involved a few persons only, then we can easily take it to another level, with new material and support for our argument. We have the chance to try again and accept extra work and costs.

If the story was a bigger issue, well then not much to do, except if we want to get really involved, spent much time, and wait for years for a new result. That may include matters about government decisions, community etcetera.

Now, if sat back and tried to see the " whole picture ", do you still insist in your opinion ?

Any doubts? Even small one ?

Think about it again, talk about it with others.

No doubt at all ? Absolutely certain that you are Right ?

Do you really want that ? 
Do you have the time, the mental and financial capacity to fight for it?

Does it worth it , and can't be avoided ?

I know that hurts, believe me. It brakes my heart and happened to me many many times. Also I know that life goes on and we have issues far more important to face in this " life ".

Please try and see the good things in your life and don't tell me there is not even one.

Think about, and smile for it and from it. Concentrate in the few positives and get some strength back.

Value yourself and remember your achievements. Feel better with good memories. That will take some stress back , will help to go on.

Note that I'm not going against the " DON"T GIVE UP ", not at all.

But I'm aware that we " don't give up" when we have tried and tried, but always there is a " point " that we should stop trying. Change course, because life has other aspects too and needs our attention. Nothing to win if we have lost ourselves and our health.

All things have a limit and we should always remember that.


What decides whether or not something is 'fair'?

Is life really fair?

Not fair, right?

 Fair enough, isn't it?


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