Ekaterini Amvrazis Katina Amvrazis keti Amvrazis Ekaterini Torakis

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Ekaterini Amvrazis.

Maiden name Ekaterini Torakis.

Born in 1936 Sirilion kidonias Chania Crete.


Sadly passed away on 2 December 2019 at 2:00 am.

She will be missed by her 2 kids, her 3 grand daughters, her siblings and all the people that knew her.

Parents : Vasilios Torakis and Pagona Torakis to genos Mavrogenis.

Her father was from Galatas 

Her birth place "Sirilion" is near Maleme were the Germans parachutes tried to land in Crete during the second war world II.


She had 3 Sisters and one brother.

Antonia, Anthoula, Mary, and Charalambos.

On December 2019, only Anthoula and Mary are alive.

Keti, was the name that was mostly used to call her.

She lived in Pireas Greece fro a few years as teenager with her family and siblings at Tampouria Suburb.

With pre arranged marriage she migrated to Sydney Australia when she was 19 years old. All alone travelled the lengthy trip by ship, almost 1 month going to unknown country to meet someone that knew from one photo only.

The beautiful Cretan girl married John Amvrazis and after a few years in 1962 they had a son, Konstantinos. In 1963 they left Australia and returned to Greece in Pireas Suburb where they lived for a year.

A daughter, Ourania, came in their life in 1966.

Soon after they relocated to Neon Zographou, Athen Greece. Where they lived until the end of their life.

Keti was known and will be remembered for her kind soul and her generosity. Was fair and we could say that sacrificed her life for her 2 kids and helping the people around her.

She rarely took back in return of all the good he had done, but never complained for that.

She was proud, and strong woman.

Her son, Konstantinos often lay would state that " I never had the chance to buy her even a cup of coffee. Always was giving and never taking or asking for anything. ".


This post is not completed due the fact that Keti Torakis Amvrazis has recently passed away, a few days ago and much more details have to be added.

More to come ..

Ekaterini Amvrazis Katina Amvrazis keti Amvrazis Ekaterini






  • So kind and always helping all others !! Hard worker and nice mother and sister and daughter !!!

    Mary Antomelli on

  • Bless your beautiful soul

    Manolis sevastakis on

  • The kindest person I’ve ever met

    Marina kaligeris on

  • A kind and honest woman, hard working and devoted to her family. Will be missed and never be replaced in our hearts. Keti was a human being with all the meaning of the word.

    Marina sifakaki on

  • God bless your soul katina Amvrazis and it was a privillege to know you !! You left a void in this world that cant be filled !!!
    Harris on

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