Drop shipping make money with website and using media _ True ? Not true ?

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Hi there, and thanks for coming on this page of our Blogs.

Most of the time in the media, Utube, Google etc, you see lots of advertisements for easy money making and a million promises about that.

It is nice to see that others want to help you make that extra money and could have been considered kind and generous offers if,,,,   were genuine and not misleading.

Unfortunately, most of those friendly advertisements have one and only purpose. That is to "take the money" without revealing the facts about it and in most situations you will end in yearly contracts that you will have to pay, keeping or not your new business.

The websites and web builders will make their money for sure, when they persuade you, and sadly taking advantage of the need for money under the current " New way of life with corona virus " and work from home ideas.

Working from home sounds ideal and right, but is not possible for all of us. Soon though we will have half the population trying to make sales on websites and market places and the other half buying . There is not money in it for all of them.

Many sellers that have done great sales at some point, they start making utube videos and offering "smart advise" to help you....  if,,,,,,   you pay for it.

First time, I see people that they have found a way to make money and they give it to the world. It's amazing !!!

So they help you, by taking your money and then they have bigger competition in what they were selling? Are they silly or something ?

I guess they are not, because first of all, the good ideas they have kept them as secret and possibly they may even stop selling because they have a new way to make easier money pretending that they will share " the secret of selling ".  Now they make videos and people buy them for promises " easy money ", " hundred thousand a day Dropshipping" best selling item here, other most sold there.....

The truth is that in reality, nothing is easy and nothing comes without hard work, knowledge, imagination, planning and many hours of work per day.

Lets say you didn't take in consideration all the above and you want to start.

The minimum that you need is your device, a good desktop computer at least and some subscriptions for the website.

Then of course your internet connection, phone number, address and ABN and 10 hours sitting down average per day. I say that from experience not imagining it. 
You start with little money adding from time to time a bit. That means you use the cheap options and joined known website to host yours. Straight away you are one,,,,among hundred thousand others who know a bit more from you or they know plenty more , but still they are better than you having doing it for a few years.

You don't have the money to make your website known and you start with posts here and there, You can't imagine how much manual work it needs. All you ads added one by one, all pictures, all descriptions and all else that is required.

How many items you think you can add each day ? Not many and be sure about that. Actually it will take long long time to find some, to research about it and then to  post.

Your channel, website or other, hardly will manage to get a few clicks per month.

On average most websites don5 make more than 5 to 10 views per day.
Unbelievable but true. Imagine that 100 views per day will give you about 20 sales per month. In general only the 2 % to 3 % of visitors will result to a sale. And this has been calculated from famous websites that are selling thousands per day.
Buyers are roaming, buyers have devices and search and compare.

Not easy to believe or not to be aware of dropshipping.

Hard to trick when many have the knowledge.


The truth is that 90% of new sellers will hardly manage to cover half the expenses they did and without any compensation for the working time they lost or the lower back pains that are experiencing. 

I can keep writing for long and sure you will get tired, I'm really sorry.

Nothing is for free and for sure there is no way for "easy money" in this life.

Many are dreaming and hearing about it, but only a few came close to it.

Luck is the first thing we need in all aspects of life and will add to a well planned action.

This post was for free, yes right.....

We do have websites though and we sell items and,,,,Ideas with plenty of opinion on top of it after many years with success or not, so we always have a good thought to share and even chat about it over  SKYPE.

Time is money as they say and you will charged a small fee for every hour over SKYPE, if you want ideas or help to start or not to start Online selling .

See item " Ticket to chat over Skype regarding ONLINE SALES  "


Let's see if it's a good idea for you to try the " Fast and easy money" the others advertisING non stop.

Thanks for reading to the end of this post, nice to see that you didn't fall asleep












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