Average Australian wages rise and SECOND hand sales skyrocket

Posted by Konstantinos Amvrazis on

Have You Ever wonder how much your earning, compared to Australian average? Could you be earning more money this year or less ?

According to ABS, the Full-Time Adult Average Weekly Total Earnings in November 2016 was  $1,592.40,  rise of 2.2% from the same time  since last November 2015. This may seem like a lot, but if you’re like me and find that the more you earn the more likely you will  spend – then you may be wanting to put more money in your pocket? How about looking in your own house backyard  things in the garage, unwanted gifts ?

There’s new research that revealed that  the Second Hand Economy worths a staggering $40 billion dollars – a rise of more than $10 billion compared to 2015. The Second Hand Economy Report, clearly highlights the financial benefit of accessing the second hand economy market.

The research also revealed that  selling unwanted items online means more than just pocket money and shows that many savvy Australians are tapping into the second hand economy market and gave a real boost to their incomes.

Maybe you are sitting on a golden chest and you had never thought about it !


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