Not what I thought, not what I expected, change of mind

Posted by Konstantinos Amvrazis on

The first thing we advice is : DO NOT BUY ONLINE an item that you do not know anything about it, or you haven’t seen and used it in real life.

Pictures at this website or other websites do not show colors and condition as in real life with your own eyes.

Furthermore pictures may be edited to get your attention or to highlight points of the items for sale.

We do not accept it as a reasonable request for return or cancelation of an order . As a business we delivered to you, we have already costs paid and furthermore, the item is not BRAND NEW anymore and can’t be sold to other customer.

Is not logical at all in our opinion being a small business and making a living with it. Note that we do not offer return period or change of mind option in our terms of sale.

Australian Consumer Law applies- You should get information



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