Nobody is answering my call

Posted by Konstantinos Amvrazis on

Email is the best way for communicating and always can be used to double check what was said and what was agreed.

Please EMAIL us and keep emails for your records.

Further more , that way we reduce costs and we need less employees to do our business. All communication is in one place and all written for future reference.

Call us, leave a text and we will EMAIL YOU as soon as possible, working days and hours as per our terms of sales sales and conditions.

In some occasions we may reply to your phone call, but do not consider the information received as final and correct unless is confirmed afterwards with Email.

A phone call may be answered by anyone in the  office who may not be the right person to give answers to your inquiries.

Thank you for your understanding.

EMAIL US PLEASE for all matters regarding an order.

Not for item details or description. We do not know anything more other than what is in description. See items webpage.


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