Cage For Big Birds Strong Many Doors And Top Stand

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Cage Big Wheels Doors Spacious


With some items that you will need for your birds.

Great and Strong Construction 

Comes with 2 perches and 5 stainless steel food and water bowls.

For easy access, these 2 food and water bowls each have their own individual access doors and they swing out with the door.

The slide out bottom tray further increase the convenience, so  minimizing the burden of cleaning and restocking the Birds.

Also Featuring a large central access door, getting to your bird with  this cage will never be a hassle again.

This elegant Cage made with wrought iron  also has 4 castor wheels to provide maximum mobility and stability.

Large Centre Access Door with Secure Locks


  • Has 5 Stainless Steel Food/Water Bowls
  • Also 4 Castor Wheels for Mobility easily move around!
  • Two Pieces Particle Board Perch
  • An Area at the top for relaxing and play
  • With Steel Slide Out Bottom Tray for Easy Cleaning and without disturbing or losing birds,
  • Dimensions 157.5cm x 82cm x 56cm approx
  • Assembly required
  •  82cm x 56cm x 157.5cm approx
    Gap between wires 18mm
    Black Epoxy Coating
    Wrought Iron and Black Vein
    Stainless Steel Food/Water Bowls
    Particle Board Perch

    The parcel will be in
    3 Cartons in Total
    Carton 1: 129cm x 5cm x 9cm approx
    Carton 2: 115cm x 5cm x 56cm approx
    Carton 3: 80cm x 11cm x 57cm approx

    Carton 1: 15kg approx
    Carton 2: 13kg approx
    Carton 3: 15.2kg approx
    colour Gray


    jol keba / code

  • also vikiliti157
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