Ticket to chat over Skype or with phone call, regarding ONLINE SALES

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One hour ticket

Should I try it or not ?

Fast money ? Is that true ?


Great ideas and opinion based on facts and experience .

We may chat about :

Is it a good idea " FOR YOU " dropshipping and websites ?

How it works?

How much I need to start ?

How much time I will spent with it ?

How to learn about it ?

What really means ?

How fast or will I ever make   money  ?

Should I quit my job for it ?

Can I make a living with it ?

Can I hide the earnings ?


And of course all other inquiries you may have and we can talk about.

Sometimes is better to stop..... before starting :) 

You may save yourself the trouble, effort, stress, worry and money !!

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We will use Skype

You will have the chance to see over chatting and camera how we work, the computer and displays arrangements, live sales and orders, live customer chats and applications used.

You will get a good insight of what means to be a part of a website , an$ feel the real thing.

Nothing is staged and most of the time workstations will be messy and will show the reality of doing it.

Friendly people and using simple words.

                                      The OPTIONS are :


Chat and camera over Skype 

Chat and typing over Skype - No mic

Chat over mobile phone 

We will agree on time and date for one of the above to take place.

A few of our people are from diverse background and this may result is some difficulties during chat.

The same applies for customers as well of course.

We will give that extra time additional as needed to compensate you, without any more charge.