Stand Basketball Adjustable 3 Heights 1.65m ~ 2.05m approx

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Adjustable Basket Ball Hoop  3 Heights 1.65m ~ 2.05m approx


Delivery Metro Areas

Adjustable : Height:
1.65m ~ 2.05m approx 

Backboard Size:
73cm x 49cm approx
Base Size:
75cm x 45cm x 13cm approx
Pole Width:
4cm approx

Ring Diameter:
42cm approx - fit for #7 Standard Basketball

Backboard Material:
Strong, durable Injection PP
Pole Material:
3 pc Square Steel Tube
Base Material:
Blow Molding PE

Rim Material:
Weather proof nylon


Base: Holds 35kg of Water

The package weights : Holds 35kg of Water

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