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PA -Portable- With Battery 








A modern and powerdul PA System for the times when you need to make an announcement.Dor the times when you feel like celebrating a victory with great music and throwing a party on the spot.

This Portable PA System/ Party Maker is the portable sound solution for your work and play needs. It can be setup instantly, anyplace and anytime and requires very little muscle.

Two-wheel system with retractable handle

Phone and tablet holder

Wireless dock via Bluetooth connectivity

Lithium ion battery with level indicator -Battery Chargeable

Built in PO3 Player and FM Radio

• 10 inch woofer with slot port enclosure

10" 2-way speaker system-Mic

• Input Voltage: AC100-120V / 60Hz 220-240V / 50Hz

Digital power transformer and amplifier

• Twin 50 Watts RMS digital amplifier (Total 100 Watts RMS)

Total Peak Music Power 300Watts

LCD Display • Overhead carry handle

Dual multifunction Audio inputs with gain re-verb control

RCA/3.5mm Phono/Stereo aux input with gain control


The manudacturer wittingly developed and combined this one stop entertainment PR media stand complete with a 10" woofer, 2-way speaker, RMS digital amps with all the fun of Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, USB, MP3 and SD card.

Why settle for a little bit of sound when you can now have a whole lot of sound? Be the DJ or the Master of Ceremony with 100W of bass thumping out of a 10 inch woofer, 2-way speaker and RMS digital amps. Music power peaks at an unbelievable 300W super power.

A multi-platform wireless dock integrates most portable devices such as USB and SD card without the use of cables. RCA/ 3.5mm Phono/ Stereo aux inputs are also located on the multi-platform wireless dock. A built-in MP3 Player allows you to transfer your audio files over by USB or SD card so that you can instantly play the music that you love. This portable PA System is also Bluetooth enabled so that music can be blared out and enjoyed via its speakers smoothly and seamlessly as music should be.

Clear illuminated multi-function LCD display informs you of the song title currently playing, track number, song duration and battery life. A professional quality microphone is included with integrated microphone holder for your instant speeches or on-the-spot Karaoke sessions. Special phone and tablet holders are integrated as well.

If you have the junk, you surely have to walk the talk. The Professional XLR/ TRS COMBO balances inputs with separate gain and echo control. This makes it a great match for guitars, keyboards, microphones and DJ gear. Link output allows two or more units to be joined together for even greater party power.

Portability is an important feature for those who have to transport speakers to and from events. This portable PA System a non-stop fun party maker on wheels provides convenience on the go so that you no longer have to lug bulky equipment along with you. Why bring speaker sets, subwoofers and amps when you have all you need in one easy pull trolley-like speaker system? There is also an overhead carry handle for the times when you have steps ahead or when some lifting is required.

Now there is no limit to where you can summon a crowd, make announcements, shake up a Karaoke session, make a presentation, perform and party. Get your own portable PA system and be loud, clear and crisp when addressing a crowd or simply bring good music with you and get any party pumping!