Garden Flowers Stand Storage for Plants Wooden Many sizes plantarre

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Extremely durable and beautifully made


Simple rectangular design


In oil finished to give the wood a warm, rustic colour

Please check and order the correct variant 

Variant : plantarre200cm


 Variant : plantarre100cm


Variant : plantarre76cm



Variant : plantarre50cm


SET X2 - 2 pcs variant : plantarre 30x30x30xm x2 


Details for 

150cm Variant Plantarre 150cmx30cmx25cm


Bottom is not fully closed to allow draining

Planter box wooden box




DETAILS for variant :  PLANTARRE2020 are : 

End for info about the above variant- Inquire if in any doubt before ordering


Details for the variant : 

PLANTARREGLA 180 x 57 x 62 cm (L x W x H) when assembled



Details for :

Variant PLANTARRE2 ( 100x50x34cm when assembled )


End of details for PLANTARRE2 variant 


Details for 

Variant PLANTASTEEL 240 x 40 x 45 cm (L x W x H) Steel Galvanised – Anthracite COLOR


Assembly required 


End of details for variant PLANTASTEEL

Inquire if in doubt 






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