Ladder Folding Many Types Of Tasks Adjustable -Sizes from 370cm to 570cm

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                        New Ladders From Aluminium


Variant name : jol8900  ( 470cm when straight approx )

The details are : 





The 370 cm variant -DETAILS are :

Variant name : kuster30mar19


                                ALL IN ONE PACK 



The 470cm Variant Details

Variant name : kuster30mar1947




The 570cm variant

Variant name : kuster30mar1957




 Australian Consumers Law Apply

Inquire if you wish to purchase extended warranty for more than 3 months


 Each variant pics shows what you get

Take all safety measures at all times, do not use if in doubt

Check before use at all times, ensure that is in good condition

Maintain it frequently checking joints and the general condition of it

 For not as described or faulty let us know withing 14 days from date received. After that not claims accepted

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