Stand adjustable Desk Portable Sit Or Stand To Work

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Many designs and colors - see variants

A very popular design that yiu can move, adjust, use next to your bed, read, eat, use devices, add a lamp etc.


Nice Practical And Portable Design

                    Adjustable Height -Sit Or Stand Healthy Posture

                    Desk smart design- Health and fitness in mind


             Please CHECK EACH VARIANT for specific details

 ALL DELIVERIES are delayed from major carriers- Be aware and patient because  retail and online servives are being affected by COVID19 issues


Details for    jolwhitab12   WHITE are :

  • Brand new

  • Tabletop: MDF Board

  • Colour:White

  • Height adjustment: 66 - 90cm

  • Overall dimension: Approx. 60 x 40cm


 ALL items require assembly - Easy


Details for variant  " jolhajba "

Assembly required 


Details for VARIANT jol9130



Assembly required



Details for variant jol9120 are : ( SEE Variant 2121IMP at the bottom )



Assembly required all items




Details for variant jol9090 are :    2119imp }

END of details for above variant




Details for variant " jol9064" are :   { 2117IMP}

------------ ------------------ --------------- ------------------ ---------------------

 Details for Variant "jolblatab13" are :

Tabletop: MDF board
- Thickness: 17mm
- Maximum weight capacity: 40kg
- Height adjustment: 70 - 88cm
- Overall dimension: 60 x 40 x 70 - 88cm
- Colour: Light wood/ Black
- Portable and lightweight, 360° rotating laptop stand, Large and smooth surface, Classic matte finish, High flexibility and mobility, H-shape steel frame, U-shape design, Round edges, Double knobs for height adjustment, Adjustable stand height,


Details for Variant      JOLBLATAB14

Assembly required all variants - Easy basic



variant "jol9065" Walnut Dark OR maple white


Assembly required all variants - Easy basic

Do not place order if you are in a hurry to get this item to avoid trouble. Cancellation not possible after the item has been dispatched. Under current situation we ship straight away to minimise the days of delays for the deliveries.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this.

Take care please.




Variant  " JOL9065"  Details are :

light wood look  maple white


color as in pics 

Assembly required 


Details next item:

Variant 2118IMP  Black are : 




Details for Variant 2120IMP white are :

XTRA wide and FOLDING top to save space when not in use.

Overall dimensions: 80cm x 40cm x 63.5cm to 88.5cm



Details for Variant 2121IMP are :

XTRA WIDE designs and FOLDING, save space




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