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Amazing- Modern- Practical- Popular 

 Assembly required 


Details for the variant  "JOLLASTOLA" are :



Details for variant 


 Assembly  required


Details for variant JOLSKALMI


Overall Dimension: (L)63.5 x (W)35.6 x (H)193cm Variant jolskalmi




Details for  4 SHELVES variant jol9700

Assembly required 


Details for variant 5 SHELVES variant jol9700b


Assembly required 


Details for variant jolskania2WHITE

The Description :

Foldable for easy storage


Assembly required

Ensure safety and mount it


Variant :  Jolskania2COFFEE details are :

 This is not black and the photos cant show the actual color- Coffee color it looks



Assembly required

Ensure safety and mount it



Details for variant jolhydra

The Description :




DETAILS for variant : jolskala  

Stand, Display Ladder style

Assembly required all items 

Ensure safety and mount it , do not overload - Max 10 kg per tier


Details now for variant : JOLSTAKDIP and JOLSTAKDIP2 are :

Storage space for your books, CDs, DVDs and anything worth displaying your passion. Its distinctive tree-shaped profile is full of charisma and elegance that will make an exceptional conversation piece in any room. Just like a tree, the roots of the ensemble are represented by a spacious bottom shelf with sturdy base. Not least, everything is made to last with high-quality finishing and meticulous craftsmanship. Make a statement. A truly bold and amazing statement with our standing bookshelf.



Ensure adequate measures taken not to tip off




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