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Nice Design 

Very Popular 

Sink only and strainer when is mentioned in the description

If you want to clarify details please email us before you place order !! 


Most sinks include the waste strainer  and insulation 

check their description please.

 Not any other items shown in some photos 

Will arrive in safe package



Soap dispenser

Variant : JOLSOAPAD   he details are : 

2 weeks delivery and will not come in same package with sink 




Details for variant : 

 Draining add on - variant " joldrain425 " 42.5x25x4.5



Details for variant   jolsinkbla30x45 


Details for variant "


Strainer included. plus sink. plus insulation bottom 




Details for variant 


440mm x 440mm x 200mm




Details for variant :

jolbla60x45"   : Dimensions 60x45cm approx 

END of the details for variant " jolbla60x45cm "

If in doubt or need additional info please inquie before you place order 




Details for variant  :  jol45x45gra - Granite 80% 

End of details for above variant 



Details for variant   :  jaman :



Material: Stainless steel 304 (ISO9001: 2000)

Corner: R10 rounded corners

Edge thickness: 25mm

Waste strainer inner diameter: 90mm

Sink waste pipe fitting: 50mm

18% Chromium and 9% Nickel composition





 Details for variant :

54 x 44cm variant jol54x44sil

The sink 




Details for variant : jolsinksilv  are :




The details for variant :  jolsinkwe  are :



details for :

60x45x20.5/23.5    cm variant




Details for variant : 




DETAILS FOR Variant  jolsindoubla 45 x100 cm 

45 x 100  BLACK -- Overall dimensions: 100cm x 45cm x 20.5cm Big bowl size: 35cm x 39cm x 19cm Small bowl size: 22cm x 39cm x 19cm


Tap not included



Details for :  77x45 cm approx - Variant name :  " jol9804 "



The Sink is for sale only and strainer when mentioned in the description and not any other accesories shown in the photos


Note: Slight colour variations may appear with actual product due to photography lighting.

Delivery fees will not be returned in case of cancellation

Change of mind policy do not apply for those items- Be sure you are ordering the right item and make all inquiries prior to completing order


Details for :

Variant                                         jolwhigra46x41


  • Granite stone composite (80% granite)
  • Granite stone composite (80% granite)
  • SINK + DRAIN strainer you will receive 






                                              code: jolsinksilv and jolsinkwe

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