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        Stands For media-Tv stand-tv cabinet- entertainment units 


         ---CLICK the variants TO SEE ALL MODELS available---


Delivery most areas

Low price is only for sale via delivery which is low cost for us.

Prices at the shops will be significantly higher due to added costs for show rooms, employee wages and assembled products. 

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                             Details for Variants are: 


                  DETAILS - Description For Variant : "JOLMEFIN"



This is 3 pieces that can be used in different combinations as per room size 

Tv or other items are not included in this sale- Only the stand


DETAILS description for Variant : "JOLSHAPER " 47yt

EXTENT the length easily

                                           CHANGE shape 





Assembly Required all items selling

Please not that some small bad painting may appear at sides that are not in view- At some edges - Back side and under the top surfaces- Not visible 


                                                     code:jolgialiti 18-jolmefin-jolshaper

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