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                           Brand new Smoker Grill Roaster

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Many ways to use it

Brand new

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You will received

The whole grill    and 

  • 6x Skewer
  • 6x Hook


Vented lid and tight-fitting doors creates a constant flow of new smoke for maximum flavor. The water pan perfect the slow-cooking process so food is juicy and tender every time. With 2 layers cooking space, the smoker can grill up to 20 burgers at once. It also includes a professional temperature gauge and large charcoal access door to make grilling and smoking even easier. The water and charcoal smoker is super versatile and can easily be converted for use as a grill without any special tools.



Delivery 2 to 5 days approx   as per location and the Aupost delivery schedules


 Please ensure safety and avoid risk of fire

Injuries may occour if safety precautions not taken. Safety gear must be worn

Check your states rules and lawas with using such items

Keep children and underage  persons in safe areas away from fire 


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