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Many designs, see variant details here before placing order please



Details for variants : JOL2FRESH in pink or white are :

Only the racks are for sale and not all other shown in photos 




END of details for the above described item


Details for 

variant :  " jolfresh " size: 68x27x134cm

Washing machine or other is not inclued in this sale 

Only the rack is for sale

Assembly required- See dimensions before you order 


End of details for the above variant




Details for variant :  Rack White " jolupwhi "

White or Black may be available

  • Effectively utilize the unused space above the closestool, toilet bowl or over other items creating multiple extra storage spaces for overcrowded bathroom.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It comes  with two hooks on one side and 3 layers of the shelves, suitable for store shampoo, towel, shaving razor, roll paper, tissue box, etc.
  • Modem design, beautiful external form, perfect for your room storage.

Assembly required



Details for Black with variant name : jol9800

  • Brand new

  • Material:Metal paint

  • Color:Black

  • Dimension :Approx. 48*25*152cm

  • 3 Layers Floor Storage racks

  • Compared with the old models, there is the cross bar behind the toilet frame, the entire shelf is more stable on the Floor

 Assembly required



Variant name  : " jol9802 "

For over the toilet bowl rack 


Note: If you remove parts to fit in your area it will affect stability and safety- Be aware and always secure it safely 




 Over Wash Machine VARIANT Details:



Over Toilet Bawl VARIANT Details are :

Some of this variant may be slightly different from the above description. Hardly will be make a difference .

For any concerns please inquire before completing your order.

Your cooperation will help in ensuring a fair sale and purchase.


2 Tier over machine - jolaponewr1


2 Tier over toilet  jolaponewr1




NOTE: Be sure to secure the unit to avoid a fall

Do not place heavy items on it

words, search terms :

OVER TOILET-over washing machine- Over the toilet - over washing machine _ rack over toilet-rack over washing machine rack over the toilet rack over the washing machine 

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