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New processing chipset (CPU), faster reaction, more stable performance, more powerful functions.
- 24Bit DAC, high-precision reduction fidelity sound quality.
- Support APE, FLAC, WAV, DIS lossless audio formats, support high bit rate! Sound quality to fever level CD level.
- Support 24Bit 96KHz WAV format, higher music resolution than CD.
- Variety of sound adjustment (SEL): electronic volume, treble, bass, left and right balance, front and rear sound field.
- Fashion design, knob volume adjustment.
- Hardware with  electronic sound (EQ) processing, a variety of audio modes, high and low tone can be adjusted.
- Full easy electronic digital radio search, high-performance digital tuning FM radio automatic scanning, 18 radio storage.
- Support song memory playback function.
- Car Parking System Assistance. It will turn into the parking mode automatically, record the traffic.
- Bluetooth function: Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Audio Streaming, Built-in Microphone for Handsfree Call. Solve your calling problem when you drive.
- Multifunction: high current USB output, can be charged mobile phone. Play the role of your MP3, MP5 player, radio, your parking sensor, etc. 


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