Pet Cat Kitten fun area Tree for playing,Scratching, climbing Post Tower

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Extra large size

Pets play area to satisfy the natural instincts of your precious pet,

For climbing, jumping, scratching,relaxing, with toys like nooks and crannies to have hours of fun scratching, hunting, climbing, jumping, hopping or simply lounging around. Plus 2  hanging balls also help to keep your cat curious and alert at all times. Natural Sisal-covered scratching posts, you can rest assured that your furniture will stay cat-free accidents for  long time. Also upholstered with a plush velvety surface for extra comfort and style. And the Big base and good construction.

Tall exercise tower tree scratcher
A wooden construction
Natural sisal posts and soft plush cover
Multi-level design with ample play areas
Bed cubes and cradles, hammocks
Ladders with sisal rungs
Hanging ball for extra fun
Includes scratching, perching, climbing, sleeping all in one piece

Material: Fir wood, plush cover, and sisal
Height: 260m
Base dimension: 60cm x 45cm
Colour: Blue and white

Assembly required

Please ensure correct assembly and secure it in place to avoid tip.

  Use qualified person for assembly ensure stability and avoid tip. Secure in place.

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