Cage Pets Wooden Hutch Hen Rabbit Chook House Ferret Run Large (D/F)

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Wooden well designed  spacious items

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A well made and easy to maintain and to observe them.

Spacious on the inside with a raised nesting and resting area,

A ground level zone for grazing, a green asphalt roof to keep the wet and heat at bay and most importantly, a strong wire mesh enclosure to keep the danger out.

The anti-termite Fir wood-crafted coop also has a nesting room with a lift-up roof for easy collection of eggs without disturbing the peace of occupants.

For cleaning inside out, a slide-out tray makes light work of clearing any litter. 


With enough  spaces integrated ground enclosed play area
And Built-in and foldable ramp connected between floors
Nesting room with lift-up roof
Two doors for easy access
Strong and firm security locks
Slide-out tray for easy cleaning
Removable and curve perch
Made of RoHS approved eco-friendly material
High quality fir wood construction w/ mesh wire
Asphalt roof for rain and sun protection
Waterproof and anti-termite
Fully enclosed resting and nesting area on upper level

Fir wood and steel mesh wire, asphalt roof
Overall Dimensions: 258 x 88 x 122cm
Please refer to gallery for further dimensions

Assembly required


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