Columns Statues Urns Planters Pots Religious Old Modern Designs

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Many designs

Well made and very popular

Delivery all metro and central areas 


Dimensions as per variants title

Light weight 

Fibre Clay

Variant grtat7 the details are


Variant GRTAT6 the details are : 



Variant GRTAT5  the details are :




Variant GRTAT3 the details are :


Variant GRTAT2 the details are :


Variant GRTAT1A and GRTATB the details are : 



Details for variant GRTAT8 are : 


Variant details GRTAT9 are 



Details for variant GRTAT10 Buy x1  and 73 x 60 x 52 cm approx are :




 Details for variant GRTAT12 are:


Details for variant GRTAT13 are : 







urn statue Greek Roman Greek agalma 


Please inquire if in doubt to resolve and issues before starting the deliveries 

Buy only if you have seen the actual product and you liked it 


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