Picnic Essential big size 2M Practical Blanket Rug Mat

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Picnic items 


Details for variant       3M red ( 3x3m )  jolmegapini are : 

Blanket style extra big size



Details for variant  Red (145 x 130 cm )  jolpini   are :


145x 130 cm approx





  •       Perfect Mat For Parks, Camping And Beaches
  •       Made From Lightweight And Durable Material Synthetic
  •       Sand & Dirt Easily Slip Through The Mat
  •       Comes With Securing Rings
  •       Dimension Is Approximately 130cm X 145cm







VARIANT details for  Red ( 2 x 2 m )  jolagapini  are:


  • At  200X200cm APE Nice Cashmere Feel, Picnic Blanket.
  • Lightweight and compact for storage and travelling.
  • The first layer is a heavy yet spongy P E V A material that insulates the middle cushion layer from wet and tough surface of ground. A top layer of soft, water repellent polyester brings it all together.
  • Rugged, durable, water resistant PEVA backing.
  • Interior polyester batting provides cushioning.
  • Extremely light and compact - perfect for daytrips hiking or camping.
  • Includes carry bag with large storage pockets.
  • They are spacious picnic blankets and have room for the entire family! Perfect to keep in the car boot or with the camping gear. Easy to fold up.
  • Machine wash cold and tumble-dry low/line dry.







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