Shade Cover Gazebo Tent 4x3m Outdoor Wedding Event Party Marquee Tent Iron Art Gazebos Grey

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sun shade

Nice Cover Shade, Measuring 4m x 3m, it is made of waterproof and UV-resistant PE fabric that holds up well and firm.
The iron art frame is unique and elegant and lends an artistic feel to the ensemble. Plus, the strong legs also provide steady and stable support for the gazebo.
Setting up the gazebo is a breeze with all the necessary fittings and hook and loop attachments already pre-fitted or attached for a hassle-free build. All you need to do is to prop it up, fasten and secured it, and you are ready to party and chill under the sun and stars.


UV-resistant and waterproof
Sturdy legs and structure
Quick and convenient attachments


Assembled size: 400cm x 300cm
Edge height: 200cm
Cover material: PE
Frame material: Steel with 150GPA coating
Tube thickness: 0.6mm
Foot tube diameter: 40mm x 40mm
Cross tube diameter: 8mm x 18mm
Top tube diameter: 20mm x 30mm

Note:The gazebo is not designed to be a permanent structure. Do not leave the gazebo unattended in heavy rain. When raining, make sure that the water does not pond on the canopy. The weight of the water could cause breakage and collapse. With heavy rain or winds,please remove the canopy to avoid damaging the gazebo. Do not fold the gazebo with thecanopy attached. It could be damaged if the canopy is caught in the scissor-action struts.

Package Content
1 x  Gazebo
Assembly Required

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