Cat scratch play rest 100cm Natural Materials Post Climb Condo

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Nice cat pets post sisal tree! Made to satisfy the natural instincts of your precious pet, our toy include a hosts of nooks and crannies to have hours of fun scratching, hunting, climbing, jumping, hopping or simply lounging around.

Plus, with its sisal-covered scratching posts, you can rest assured that your furniture will stay cat-free for a very long time. Not least, the tree is upholstered with a plush velvety surface for extra comfort and style. Best of all, the firm base and sturdy construction ensures that the tree remain a durable cat haven with total peace of mind for you. 


Multi-TIER Multi Level design with ample play areas
Bed cube and cradles, hammocks and ladder
Includes scratching, perching, climbing, sleeping all in one piece
Stable wooden construction
Natural sisal posts and soft plush cover


Height: 100cm
Base dimension: 50cm x 30cm
Material: Fir wood, plush cover, and sisal

Colour: Dark grey

Package Content
1 x Cat tree 
1 x Assembly kit 
1 x Assembly guide 

                     F/D  6574IMP