Storage Solutions Smart Living Rack Tall 69cm x 28cm x 169cm Adjustable - Silver

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Storage Rack - Silver

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3 Level Adjustable for Laundry/kitchen

Much  more r laundry room space with our Rack.

This 3 Level  rack easily fits over any washing machine or dryer and creates lots of storage space for easy accessibility to laundry essentials. It also has plenty of hanging room for handy convenience. 

It is made of stainless steel tubes with waterproof plastic panels and connectors for a sturdy and durable structure. Not least, it is fitted with anti-slip foot pads for a firmer hold and is easy to install with no tools needed. Best of all, it is also maintenance-free and easy to clean.

* Rack
* Rust-resistant stainless-steel tubes
* Waterproof plastic panels and connectors
* Sturdy construction
* Ample storage space
* More floor spaces
* Easy to assemble
* No-drill installation
* No screws or tools required
* Bonus wall tie holders for extra stability
* Bonus gloves provided for installation
* Frame: Stainless steel tubes
* Panels and connectors: Plastic
* Tubes diameter: 16mm
* Tubes thickness: 0.22mm
* Maximum load per tier: 5kg
* Overall dimensions: 69cm x 28cm x 169cm
* Colour: Silver

Package Content
1 x rack parts to assemble
1 x Accessories Pack
1 x Assembly Instructions
4 x Bonus Wall Tie Holder
1 x Bonus Gloves

Ensure that is properly assembled and secured in place

Qualified technician will do it properly


Assembly required 

toic  f/d  p/45 sos