Car Covers Rain Sun Dust Waterproof Adjustable Large UV Proof Protection 3XXL (IDRO)

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SMART COVERS one easy solution, simply deploy it on your car. Secure the cover around the front bumper, gently pull till it reaches the rear bumper. Provided with innovative side zippers for those moments when you feel like accessing your car without removing the entire cover. A simple yet active resistance towards the outside environment.

To protect your car, you need a strong and effective cover, with exquisite craftsmanship and durable material we are proud to get you a product that satisfies the market demand. Built with a unique combination of aluminum and thicken cotton wool. A perfect combination of toughness and reliability. Designed to form a perfect line of defense for UV rays and rainfall, no matter what the weather it can withstand it all. Equipped with high-quality buckles and an adjustable wind-proof belt to form a perfect contour for your car with all-round protection. The entire cover is crafted with a reflective surface to make it visible for you at nights. We include bonus storage with the product for easy storage and portability of the cover. Provided with a unique anti-theft lock and safe lock chain keeps your car safe and secure all the time. Compatible with most automobile brands.

Complete protection for your automobile. Saving you trouble, saving you worry keeping your car neat and tidy!

  • Key Features:
  • Double stitches seam
  • Rainproof and sun UV proof
  • High quality buckles and adjustable wind-proof belt enables all-round protection
  • Cold resistant in winter and heat resistant in summer
  • Seamlessly heat sealing makes it impermeable to water
  • Anti-Theft lock and safe lock chain included
  • Side opening with zippers
  • Reflective warning strips increase the visibility at night time
  • Bonus storage bag for easy storage when not in use
  • Compatible for most cars
    Material: PVC and thicken cotton wool
    Dimension: 5.3m x 2m x 1.5m
    Colour: Silver

1x Car Cover

1x Anti-theft lock

1x Side Lock Chain


f/d eva 6