Cage Bird Metal Cage Pet Cage Aviary Large 168cm

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Big metal Cage designed  with open

The  frame is made of heavy-duty wrought iron with vein powder-coated finish, so it is tough and durable.
With good size for medium and large sized birds and parrots, with ample room for them to move about.
Design, to open roof easily and let your bird perch up high.
With seed skirts all around the cage, a large access door, small side access windows for stainless steel food/water trays, two timber perches (one with two stainless steel feeders for the open roof), and removable bottom tray for easy clean-up.
Practical castor wheels are fitted to the matching stand to provide great mobility. 

Heavy-duty wrought iron frame with vein powder-coated finish
Open roof design
Slide-out tray for easy cleaning
wooden perches
Large access door with secure lock
stainless steel feeders
castor wheels
Easy assembly

Overall dimensions: 168cm x 100cm x 77cm
Stand height: 48cm
Wire spacing: 3cm approx.

                D/F41 apply Code 3309imp