Cat Play rest or Scratching and as Post pet furniture Beige

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Pets and especially cats have natural instincts for scratching, hunting, climbing, jumping, hopping or simply lounging around. So this item can save a bit from your troubles.

Cats and kittens can scratch, climb, play, and rest.

Better still, the toys like the hanging mouse and balls help to keep your cat curious and alert at all times.
Also with the sisal-covered scratching arch bridge, less the risk  for your furniture as long ss your pet decides to stick with it.

Not least, the item is upholstered with a velvety style plush surface for extra comfort and style.
Good base and sturdy construction to keep them happy for long time.

Well designed Stable wooden construction
With Natural sisal posts and a soft plush cover
Multi-level design with ample play areas
Sleeping cradle and sisal arch bridge
Hanging balls and hanging toy mouse
Includes scratching, perching, climbing, sleeping all in one piece

Material: Fir wood, plush cover, and sisal
Height: 45m
Base dimension: 36cm x 37cm
Colour: Beige



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