Shoes Storage Organiser Shoe Rack Shelf

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Racks Luxurious smart and practical

Storage Plus mirrors 


DETAILS FOR THE 4 Level  are:


Nice Sleek and slim design
Shoe cabinet with mirrors
Smart Push-to-open mechanism
4 compartments
Three adjustable shelves per compartment
Full length mirror
Sturdy construction
Easy assembly
Stores:  (depends on shoe size) Calculate with dimensions please


Colour: White
Material: 15/12mm melamine particle board
Dimensions: 63cm x 30cm x 160cm
Assembly required: Yes
Number of packages: 2

Note: Please refer to dimension photo for the fitted shoe sizes.

Please secure the unit to avoid accidents and tips

Use always qualified technicians and trades persons

 Shoe Cabinet Mirror Cupboard Shelf Mirror Mirror Shoes mirror Cabinet

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