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Pets relax and Play Area

A wooden frame construction, our i.Pet Pet Hutch is the perfect home for your rodents and other little pets. It is spacious with two levels and has plenty of features to keep your little furry friends entertained and active. There is running wheel, seesaw and a cute wooden ladder as well for easy travel between levels. And the cosy upstairs bedroom allows for comfortable rest once playtime is over. Better still, the

With see-through transparent acrylic and steel mesh walls and ceilings allow you to always keep a close eye on your pets from various angles.

The bottom tray even slides out for easy cleaning, 

WOODEN hutch
A Two-tier design
Plus Running wheel
A Bed cube
A Ladder
A Seesaw
And Slide-out tray

Material: Fir wood, asphalt roof and steel mesh
Overall Dimensions: 80cm x 40cm x 60cm
Please refer to gallery for further dimensions

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