Website makes money, is it true or not ?

Hi there !!!

Make extra money with website ?

Make a living with website ?

Quit my job to make website?

Drop shipping makes money ?


So many questions, hope, dreams, plans, expectations and the list goes on.


This a world under " corona virus " a new world.

Everyone wants easy money .

Many want and need to work from home

Non stop advertising to do it, with promises of success.


Today, more than ever the number of new websites has gone 5hrough the roof. It looks as if all people have their own website.
trying to sell same products at same or different prices.

Drop ship with suppliers that can't deliver on time because the delivery agencies can't keep their schedules.

Customers insisting for pick up, for items you don't have.  And if you wait long deliveries for  bulk buy, the item will not be anymore in demand.

Lucky if you find that " one " special item, but be sure That in less than a week time, thousand others will be  selling same and perhaps better and at cheaper price.

Competition with professionals, who have the money, have employees have the knowledge and know how to reach targets.

At present time with that many people wanting and trying the same thing unfortunately it will not work

But, always there is a but, if you have an item that is unique, or you can make it yourself then  is a Great idea to use your own website.

Thatcan make you money, but keep in mind that soon will be copied, so get ready to start big and try to foresee and be read6 for the competition coming.







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