Reviews THELASHSTICK liner and adhesive

Reviews THELASHSTICK liner and adhesive



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  • Adam Collins

    Thelashstick a great addition to all my make up shops
    Simple and easy to use
    Lasts much longer than other similar items
    Natural ingedients which is the most important
    Value for money

  • Marios Freder

    A very good liner that combines the adhesive and smart practical design to be carried in your small bag. We are selling it in all our retail shops across Australia and also in US and GB departments.

  • Nicole Adams

    Best option for smudge free face . Easy to re adjust if I make mistake. Value for money spent

  • Jane Antony

    A w e s o m e

  • Amalia darios

    Top of the range, and will last more time than other brands. Cool design

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