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Information is available on the Internet and can be reached with many kind of devices. Most of the people use it to learn, to communicate and is a part of our life in this modern world.

Much available, and plenty more when we use different words in searching.

The big problem unfortunately Is that we do not know what is true, what is wrong, what we can trust. Is the same like when you get an advice by a stranger for whom you know nothing at all.

In many occasions information has been posted to make problems, to discredit people and other, and the intention of the publisher is never clear.

The wise, will read a few different posts and info and will try to get a few things about what they are looking for in general. Also they will try to use sources that are known and reliable and are acceptable from many others.

Getting serious information from the Internet and from a bad place, can have dangerous consequences for a person, and especially when has to do wit health and medical inquiries.

Search, read, compare and just try to get an idea only to satisfy your curiosity.

We have professionals and places that can be trusted for the very important questions we have to look for.

Internet is a big tool and a great “companion” but same time is the most dangerous place you can visit, especially when you are not into technology and IT and you have little of experience and knowledge. This apply and for the young in age who can easily get excited and believe all they see, read or hear. 

Information and advice is better when you know the source.and has been proven now and again as reliable .



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